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Biography began with fl
Andrea Bocelli was born in 22 of September of 1958 in Lajatico, a small town of the Toscana countryside. When he was six years old hebegan to study piano and soon it auta and saxófono. For glaucoma congenital (and a soccer accident) he lost his sight to the age of 12 years.
He studied inthe Faculty of Right of the University getting to receive the master's degree, although at no moment it left of side its true passion. He is able to makecompatible the classes of right with the song classes that received from the teacher and great Italian tenor Franco Corelli. In that time, he knows Enrica, withwhich get married and has two children.
In 1992 Andrea Bocelli participates in a contest of Zucchero Fornaciari. He won and Pavarotti recorded the song with him.In 1993 he records his first CD. The same year, Bocelli obtains the Propose New prize of the category in the Festival of San Remo.
In 1994 he is invited toparticipate in the official section of the Festival of San Remo obtaining a score record. It publishes its first album.
in 1996, , Bocelli´s album achievesunimaginable international successes.
in 1995 Bocelli had publish a CD inspired by the emigrants and the artists who popularized the Italian opera in theworld.
in 1998, with the international debut of “Aryan” his classic disc, scale in the international pop music.
on these days, it has published the new CD,“Sogno”, an album so hoped that in just a short time it has receive the first position in the ranking of Europe and the fourth position in the United States.
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