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  • Publicado : 13 de enero de 2012
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Google Android

Design & Diagrams by Gerwin Sturm (2010-05-23)

Since I'm a huge fan of the Google Android™ Mobile OS I've decided to design the Android™ logo in Origami, which turned out to berather easy (except for adding the antenna).
40% 30%

A 15 cm square of (tissue) foil paper in Android Green is recommended and will result in an Android of about 5 to 6 cm.

1. Fold and unfoldthe square in half making only a pinch mark at the edge.

2. Fold and unfold the edge to pinch mark making another pinch mark.

3. Fold and unfold along the diagonal making a pinch markapproximately where shown.

4. Fold and unfold along the shown line making a pinch mark only at the intersection. Page 1 / 6





5. Precrease into10ths using the reference point. Make sure to keep the marked areas free of creases. Note the distribution of mountain and valley folds.

6. Make one pleat at the top.

7. Precrease the showndiagonals as mountain folds.

8. Collapse using the shown creases. The top will swing backwards. You will get three tips together at the top. The arms will swing to the side of the body.

8a. Intermediatedrawing (the best I could do...) Continue collapsing until the model is at.

Page 2 / 6

10. Focus on the lower part of the model. 9. Open sink the central pointhalf-way.

11. Open out the pleats on one side.

12. Close again incorporating an Elias stretch on existing creases.

17. Fold the sides back to the middle.

11 - 12

13. Repeat steps 11 -12 on the other side. 16. Push the layers outside while folding the edge upwards, and atten the bottom completely.

18. Fold the corners inside.

14. Turn over.

15 . Open out the innermostlayer. 19. Open out one layer a bit. Page 3 / 6

19 - 21
21. Close the layer again. 22. Repeat steps 19 - 21 on the other side. 20. Fold the tip up towards the crease....
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