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Andy Warhol is still one of the most important and influential people in contemporary art and culture long after more than 20 years from his death. Thanks for his curiosity andhis roots, Andy was able to understand the world with another perspective.
Andy was born in 1928 in Pittsburg, PA. as Andrew Warhola. His parents were Carpatho - Rusynimmigrants, had 4 sons but the older one died before they move to the USA. Andy was the youngest Pavol was the second one and was born in Slovakia , then Ján born in the USA as well asAndy. All in the Warhola family were devout byzantine Catholics. Over more, because of an illness at the young age of 6 Andy was confined to bed, time were his mom and brothers wouldshow him how to draw. During this time Andy started to read magazines, watching Hollywood movies and collected pictures of movie stars, and he also listened to the radio. Warholdescribes this time as one of the most important times of his life because during this time he developed his taste and personality. Andy grew during the Great Depression in theurban surroundings of a smoky industrial city, so that also had a big impact his personality. Also, at the young age of 9 he received his first camera.
Andy went thru regularpublic education and when he reaches the first year of high school his father died. But recognizing his son’s talent he saved money for Andy’s college. Andy was the only one of hisfamily to ever go farther than only high school. He went to the Carnegie Technical Institute of Pittsburgh where he decided to study Commercial Arts. During a summer when he was incollege Andy was working with his brother at a market and he started to draw on the time sketches of the costumers and that helped him to win a scholarship for the following year.
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