Andy warhol

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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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Andy Warhol (6 august 1928)

Andy Warhol was a very eccentric artist. Pioneer of the artistic movement known as pop art. For him, art wasn´tpersonal so he never tried to express his feelings or parts of his life in his work, instead, he used unanimated iconic objects of the modernAmerican culture such as a Coca-Cola Bottle or the Campbell´s soup can, this last one became one of his most famous works.

As a child hesuffered a skin disease that affected its pigmentation leaving him with a very pale aspect, and made him stay for long periods of time in bed. He wasshy and very attached to his mother.

His studio was called “The factory”, it was a big place upholstered with aluminum paper all over thewalls, where all kinds of artist, painters, musicians, moviemakers and photographers could go to work with him in all of his multiple projects.Andy Warhol is one of the first artist who lived an open homosexuality and his sense of style was completely different form the other artists.Dying his hair silver was one of the most notorious characteristics of his style.

He was a polemic character during all of his life. Somecritics considered his work as pretentious or jokes, and since his dead in 1987 there has been lots of expositions, documental and books besidesbeing recreated in movies like factory girl or I shot Andy Warhol, this last one is about the attack that Andy suffered by one of his actresses.
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