Anfibios y reptiles en ingles

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  • Publicado : 30 de octubre de 2011
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María Paula López Osorno

Is interesting to learn different things from animals, things that do not all know.
something I thought was that the frogs werefemale and male toads, but not so often but usually this is no different, frogs are faster than toads
I learned that frog is meant: an animal without a tail
I thought that toads and frogs bornwithout tail but not at the end so they lose their tail metamorphosis
something really interesting is that the smallest frog is the size of a coin of $ 10 and can overrun 
Well, and talking about thereptiles do not like it personally, but I get more attention than amphibians maybe ; are more interesting and I think that they´re in danger of disappear in Colombia, or at least as we have many animalsBogotá thought that they had all the snakes were poisonous but so on the contrary in Bogotá is not are seen in other parts of Colombia and most that are here are nor poisonous-------------------------------------------------
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Something that they said the exhibition was that reptiles in general are characterized by a dual blood circulation andincomplete with heart divided in three chambers (two atria and one ventricle). and the hearts of the humans is divided into four articulate  and two ventricles is something interesting .
In theexhibition, while the teacher talked about the places specializing in care for some animals they´re in danger of disappear, I believe that this ideas are wonderful because they help us to save many animalsthat are important to our nature, but also that for these animals is not as good because they need their habitat, where they are, but these sites give them a lot and try to give the best obviously is notlike being in the jungle or in a river where they "can do whatever they want" but has no results because they are not in danger of disappear in these places
I think there are many things to...
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