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  • Publicado : 5 de julio de 2010
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Life without animals, either in the wild or as pets, is nearly impossible to imagine. Think of a sky without birds, a forest without bears or deer, a sea without fish,or--for many of us--a home without a dog or cat or bird. Some of us build our working lives around animals. But animals mean so much more than just a job or a business to so manyof us. Animals will capture the interest of a small child and make adults feel healthier and more at ease. That could be why so many of us own pets.
I think of Dogs as veryimportant animals for the society, that is why most of us have a dog as a pet, because they are quite useful, and this is not my personal opinion: recent surveys havereported that there are more than 43 million dog owners--and 65 million dogs--in the United States, it seems that dogs can help people lower their blood pressure or cope with AIDS,perhaps, senior citizens and children receive enormous comfort from the companionship of pets.
Living with animals has many benefits, but to enjoy those benefits we alsohave to accept the responsibility for keeping the animals healthy, Besides, we all know the fact that there is this kind of dog which help blind people to walk, to cross thestreet, to guide them in every single step they take, so I ask myself, Are they really intelligent enough to know what’s they job in our life? My answer is, yes, they are.Otherwise, how can they feel when their owner is sick? Or stressed? How could they know just like that when somebody’s going to hurt you? When something wrong is going on in ourhouses? Of course, we can think about the instinct, what if they are guided by their instinct only? but if so, Can we call that instinct “Intelligence” ?, think about it.
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