Animal right

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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2012
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Animal rights
Some people believe that animals should not be used for any aspect of our daily lives as an example the food, the fact that it is abuse animal.las cazen people protect animals, turnsvegetarian to avoid killing animals, these people only eat fruits, vegetables, grains and do not eat anything coming from the animal.
animals also have the right not to be used in the experiment, asthis will cause much pain to the animals physical and mental.

not use animals for our entertainment, such as in film, theater, television and circuses or bullfights. All methods used to train andcatch are brutal. it is also necessary not to buy products with animal fur and skins to get the animal is killed brutally
some people can have animals as pets or on a farm but the person must agree toabide by all rights, this person would need to go to jail for several years and should also take other animals you have on your property if not respect the Animal rights

Animals are excluded fromthe moral and ethical on utilitarian grounds:
The hunt to eat them, to use their skins and so to be fashionable, you can test cosmetics on them then they are for us, because if it is proved in humansand did not serve us badly hurt, as occurs for experiments scientists, because if we want a cure for any disease should experiment on animals, as in people if we did we would be killed, and in thatrespect what you want to get the save human lives, which is much more important, also to continue practicing our traditional festivities such as bullfights, or for our entertainment as the circus, andto educate us, as they capture animals for zoos and other places of learning animal.
This group of people tend to own dogs, cats and other animals that are abused every day and violate their rights,something that is happening increasingly often.

one thing that seems a brutal animal abuse are bullfighting because they kill the bullsvery cruelly snapping swords also dies slowly and in order to...
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