Animal rights - derechos de los animales

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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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Animal Rights

More than 200 millions of animals are killed every year in
the entire world. This is problem because every year this
number of hunting animals is growing up. This is a world
problem because many people don’t know about this problem or
sometimes they didn’t care about this problem. Animals as
living things feel and need to be care because by hunting
animals and isreason why animals are in danger of
extinction. The nature of the animals is not to attack for
fun, but for surviving, and many of the humans kill important
and beautiful animals to get money, to sell their fur, or
just for fun. Also people think that animals are their slaves to
accomplish their wants more than their needs, people think that
just because the animals can’t talk they cankill them violently
and cruelty.
Animal rights are important movements that try to protect all
animals for being abused and exploited by the humans, and
this also includes the animal use in testing’s for medical
experimentation, the suffering of animals at circuses, at
labs, zoos, fur make and the mistreat of domestic animals.

First the right of the possession: we need to know thatif we
buy a pet we obviously have the obligation of take care of it
we don’t decide, you decide what pet did you like to buy a
fish dog, cat, bird and the others. For example if you are
someone that live in your office and you don’t have anyone in
your house you don’t need to buy a dog or s cat or some
animal that need you, is better if you buy a turtle or a
mouse a animal thatdon’t needs you a lot like others.
Many people have create organizations because this is a very
extremely theme, because maybe in 10 years many of the
world’s animals could extinct and people don’t know about this
theme. Every people in these world have to make a change
because many of the animals that live all around the world
are in danger to extinct, maybe when many animals in the
worldextinct people would start to regret of that mistakes
that make the humans.
The animal protection groups as ASPCA (American Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), PETA (People for
the ethical Treatment of Animals) that are the most known and
really could make a change.
The aquatic animals that are in danger of extinction.
350 000 seals were killed in Canada, the hunterskilled
like 90 seals pr minute, the govern of Canada approve
this hunting. The worst think is that they kill them by
hitting because the orifices in their body dismount the
sell of the animals, one orifice dismount 2 dollars in
the animal. The skin is for clothes, the hunters use
drastic techniques, they do not have conscience, and they
killed seals about 4 to 9 months and more.
Theseals die only because his skins, them grease. The pour
turtles die massacred to finish being shoes; they coast like
850 and 1200 pesos. In Gaza a turtle was found and a group of
people get it and kill it with a knife getting out his head.
In Nicaragua were dead 11,000 of turtles. In Green End there
are a lot of turtles who die. The dolphins die in Japan
around 20,000 and 40,000dolphins die the hunters capture
them with a fish net and after they kill them with a spear. In
Costa Rica a killing of sharks, they capture them, and they
cut their flippers and then they trash the body to the sea.
We know that the shark soup is of the flipper of the shark.
There are 54 000 sharks killed in 6 months In Japan a lot
of whales are killed a lot of people are disagree withthat
for example Hayden panettiere, green peace and another

Does the farm animals have rights?
The Farm Animal Wellbeing Council (FAWC) in 1979 said
that the faro animals must have at least 5 rights. These
right are the following:
They have the right of not starving and being thirsty
1. The right of not suffering
2. Protection against pain, illness, or...
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