Animal simple machine

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  • Publicado : 21 de enero de 2011
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First, a simple machine is a tool that helps us to make the work easier and to move an object. The most common example is the lever. Suppose we have to lift a rock, we need to apply a big force, butif we use a lever, the rock can be lifted more easily and with less effort.

Now, let’s focus, on the animals. Some animals use parts of their body the same way people use simple machines.There are several examples…

Some birds, like pelicans use their beaks to scoop up fish from the water for food. “Notice the tongs. Tongs are two levers fastened together at one end. Youcertainly have used a pair of tongs when you make a barbecue.

Most birds also use their beaks to pick up and carry nest building materials or carry food for their babies.

On the other hand,woodpeckers have strong beaks and use them like a wedge to cut the wood and make a hole and hide their food from the other animals.

The rabbits also use their claws like a wedge, to make a burrow inthe ground, and hind feet as shovels or levers, to lift the dirt out. We also use a shovel in the garden when we need to plant a tree.

Beavers have long front teeth with sharp edges and they usethem like a chisel or wedge to cut wood. They also use their teeth to protect themselves from the strong current of the river.

In the same way squirrels use their teeth like a chisel and theirclaws like a lever to open nuts.

Tools used by animals

Humans are especially good at solving problems using tools, but we actually know that we share this ability with some animal species.Yes, they use tools too to achieve their goals.

Chimpanzees have used rocks to break open nuts and sticks as a way to gather termites from their nests.

Gorillas have been observed to use sticksto measure the depth of water and as "walking sticks" to support their posture when crossing deeper water.

Certain crows have been observed bending twigs into hooks in order to get insects out...