Animal testing

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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2010
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Animal testing
Many animals’ cause of death, here in Mexico and all over the world, is provoked by the testing of many products such as make up, perfumes, hair products, and medicine. It shows theselfishness of human beings. Animal do not receive anything but pain, deformations, irritation and death.
In 1918, Edward Taub was the first experimenter to be convicted of cruelty to animals. Heexposed them to extreme cruelty and neglects that “silver spring monkeys “were suffering in his hands.
In military laboratories animals were shot, exposed to radiation experiments, studies on theeffects of chemical warfare and wound experiments.
Private institutions and companies test many household products and cosmetics are still squirted into the animals eyes, pumped into the animalsstomachs, rubbed onto their skins or forced to inhale. They test eyeliners on rabbit’s eyes, like they don’t have eyelids is harder for them to remove and ease the pain, they can’t stand the pain and starthitting their heads to the wall until they die. Another example is General Motors Corporation, the did crash tests on animals; most of them didn’t end dead. NASA BION experiments, star jacketed monkeyswere to be launched into space implanted with electrodes.
In hospital experiments, kittens heads were cut into and cats were starved; PETA (people for the Ethical Treatment of Animals failedtrying to stop it.
Agricultural companies experiment on animals to try to get them to produce more products such as milk, eggs, wool, and everything else.
In 1989, a study was done to determine thecarcinogenicity of fluoride. During a period of 2 years, daily doses of fluoride were given to 520 rats, the rats experienced health problems like cancer in the mouth and bone.
In 2003 the kind ofhorrible abuse exposed by encaged in cross-species organ transplant experiments. Vivisection, “diaries of despair”, daily records of dying monkeys who had been transplanted with pig organs. They...
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