Animas de dia claro

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1. Get Off
Found you on the floor
Shoulda left you there
Givin' it all to me
But Im too cold to care
Champagne in your eyes
I'm gonna shoot you down
Stroking on my skin
I wanna shoot you down
(If) You Want To Be My Fantasy
Why Can't You Take Me To The Top?
(get off of me )
( Your) Desperate Touchin' Suicide Squeeze
(Get Off)
Baby Get Off Of Me
Roses at my doorIm gonna watch them die
Sweat all over the sheets
Love to see you cry
Shakin' like a fool
I'm gonna shoot you down
Choke me like a snake
I wanna shoot you down
2. Perfect Stranger
In the shadows
Nothin worth my time
Quiet offer
Make me change my mind
(Wont you) Take me where I wanna be
Say you'll never call
(When you) Put your hands all over me
Up against the wall
Ican't get over you
Perfect Stranger
Don't wanna fall in love now
I don't know what to do
Perfect Stranger
Never gonna find another
Drunken master
Wanna take me home
Perfect strangers
Always sleep alone
It's never for forever
wish there was a better way
When we came together
Said that I don't ever stay
3. We Own The Night
They can’t see us when we walk by
They’re tooclean to look you in the eye
Run and hide, It’s too late for you
Stay inside, It’s all that you can do
Run and hide, We’re getting nearer
Stay inside, Cause you don’t belong here
Sun goes down and we come out cause
We own the night
Surrender to a different power
We own the night
They don’t listen they can’t hear the call
Get their way, but only until the night falls
You don’t want usto stay
Keep us from the light
You might control the day
But you know we own the night!
You know that we, we own the night!
You know that we, we own the night!
You know that we, we own the night!
You know that We Own The Night!!!
4. She's Out Of Control
She comes knockin’ on your front door
She spills her drink all over your floor (woah!)
She is impossible to ignore
Flameskeep getting higher
She’s on fire
She wants to dance all over the place
She brings her own stash just in case
All dressed up in leather and lace
Flames keep getting higher
She’s on fire
You wanna catch her but she’ll never slow down, heh!
You wanna find her but she’s never around, heh!
You know it drives you crazy, when she says no
When she let’s go
She’s out of control
She’sgot a name everybody knows
She gets in everywhere she goes
When she’s in town the doors never close
Flames keep getting higher
She’s on fire
You’ll do anything to see her
You’ll never wanna leave her
You know you can’t believe her
She’s dangerous
But you need her
5. Take It Off (Live)
I’m on my second drink
But I’ve had a few before
I’m tryin’ hard to think
And I thinkthat I want you on the floor
Go on and take it off
You gotta shake it off baby for me
C’mon and break me off
’Cause I get what I want and I like what I see
Need your love 123
Stop starin' at my D cup
Don’t waste time just give it to me
C’mon baby just feel me up
Forget the application
You’re the right guy for the task
Let me take you on vacation
Just do it, you don't have to ask6. Fall Behind Me (Live)
I can't believe she bought it
Got too close and she caught it
Had a point, but she forgot it
When you skip steps on the way up
The gaps have a way of catching up
and you can't cover that with makeup
You're gonna fall behind me
You're gonna cry and beg for mercy
Cause you're not ready baby
And you've got nothing on me
Now that I'm getting to know herPart of me wants to show her
who she's really screwing over
But part of me wants to leave her
cause no one helped us either
and that's exactly why we're still here
How long's she gonna be around
Beat the horse and dumb it down
How long's she gonna be in town
How long we gotta keep her down
7. Get You Alone
Rock you in my car
Feel the fire superstar
Turn up the bass and adjust...
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