Anne cattaway

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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2010
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“Ann Cattaway stay where you’re!!!” said Mrs. Henry, I couldn’t believe it, they discovered us, how was this possible!! They should’ve never caught us in the Dark Room…

I never knew hergrandfather was such a great man, Ann once told me some histories about him, she told me he fought in French Revolution, he was “Le Baron”, a noble French man, that lost everything when the citizens tookeverything from nobles, they were even haunting them, but Mr. Le Baron escaped to New Orleans, cause he had some lands over there, that’s how she got to America.

Ann didn’t talked that much, but wereally loved her, she was really nice to us, she would even cover our backs from Mrs. Rodriguez, sometimes she missed her parents, she said they were really nice people, lamely they died in an assault.We used to play a lot in the orphanage our favourite game was Hide n´ seek, sometimes we could get ourselves lost in a so vast building, and the garden was really big too. The new government tried tomake us feel a little more better but that just didn’t happen, ¿how could we be happy? Without a mom that hugged us when we got scared, without a father that teach us how to hunt, orphanage wasn’treally that bad but no one could be happy in there.

We had lovely people, volunteers that went to help us with whatever they could, but when they left that was another story, the personnel withinthose gray walls was really mean, the thought we were lame.

Sometimes we wished somebody to treat us well without pity, but that is sometimes impossible, some persons don’t really care about theothers.

One day I saw Ann scared, like never before, she was whiter than snow, she told me something about some people whispering to her, nobody believed her, was too hard to believe, cause Ann livedwith fear, but nobody except her heard those whisperings, we all thought she was insane, but someday we all saw something that could probably change our lives, or at least believe her.

She was being...
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