Anne frank

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  • Publicado : 1 de septiembre de 2012
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Anne Frank
Made by:Axel
Teacher:MissDeniss :D
All Starts in germany with the little girl named Anne Frank her age was of 12 she come's backto her home :) all was normal,but when they where eating her parents where worried and .
Anne Dosen't know what was the danger she was ...
They Continue their lifes but worried and forsome reason they don't tell anyone they where jews because for some cause all of the people in germany start to dislike the jews... :o Anne Could not have fun cause all this disaster ....Chapter 2 :Getting Worst...
in December 3 days before christmas some planes start attacking the area Anne And her family where so scared... the planes didn't attack with bomb's they just throwpapers that says ´´Surrender now jews´´ the nazis send that...
Then the year passed... The jews were not allowed IN ANY PLACE Only in the jews store's and they only can do their shop to4-6 pm they were specieal school for jews.. ¿¡can u imagine that¡? They started to kippnaped some jews D: and they never Come back
Anne Frank Get's her diary at the age of 14 one red abeautifull it seems that was her last one... :(
Chapter 3 :Hide,Seek,OR ELSE DIE
Her Parents see that the people was been taken to a unknow places and they never came back he got worriedbecause he heard about that they will kill all the jews,so he ask too a friend that if he can search a place to hide his family :) he found a very good place like a little house but it wassomething
One day the mom of Anne Receive a Letter From Nazi
When His Dad Know that they go to the anex and they hide there like 3 years
Thena Traidor Says to the nazis some neighboors were hiding...
They Found Anne Frank And Send Her To the camps Concentration :(
they died but the diary he wrote still with us...
The End.
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