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Rains, Dennis G. Principios de la Neuropsicología Humana. 4 ed., McGraw Hill, 2003.

Principles of Human Neuropsychology, is a book with a big balance betweenscientific depthless and the explanation of the material that is inside this amazing book, with the objective to know what is happening all the time inside ourbrain. Principles of Human Neuropsychology was a book I used in the beginning of my psychology career in Mexico, and it helped me so much through all this journey; ithave not been a psychology course, that I do not take out my neuropsychology book, it is so amazing to see that every millisecond of our life is at the 100potential a battle inside our head, all the mechanisms of our daily life are working over here.

The importance with this book and my research in Project 2, is theclear difference that men and women have in the brain. It shows the different brain size, structure and specific structures that we have because of our gender, andthis is what I am trying to explain by the surveys and research, how our brain affects our daily development, and that it is not because of us, but because of ourbrain.

Abril, Alfonso y Ambrosio. Fundamentos Biológicos de la Conducta. Madrid: Sanz y Torres, 1998.

The behavior is a biological property and like the othercharacteristics of a human being, it goes hand in hand with biology matters, this makes possible that all the live beings, have a connection between their behaviorand their thoughts. The functions of a being are in function of their genotype and the interaction of them between the environments that they interact day by day.
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