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  • Publicado : 9 de julio de 2012
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KWhat I KNOW | WWhat I WANT to Know | LWhat I LEARNED | HHOW I Learned |
What do you know about anorexia, bulimia, vegetarianism (not a disorder), and alcoholism | Activities & LearningStrategies |
Anorexia: I know anorexia is disorder nutritional, because the person not eats. She reflection in the mirror look really fayBulimia: I know that bulimia is an eating disorder where a personeats a lot and after that vomit feels guilty.Vegetarianism: I know that vegetarians eat only fruits and vegetables that will not eat fat to prevent weight gain.Alcoholism: I know that Alcoholism is ahealth problem that makes the person has no control of the alcohol and brings many problems in school, work and family. | I want to know what are the causes, consequences, effects and treatment ofanorexia, bulimia, alcoholism and vegetarianism | I learned Anorexia is characterized by the fear of gaining weight and a distorted perception of one's body and delirious that makes the patient look fateven when their weight is below the recommended. Thus begins a progressive decrease in weight by fasting and reduced food intake. Anorexia should try with the help of a physician, psychologist andfamily support.I learned bulimia is an eating disorder where the person binges on food and then vomit to lose weight. Bulimia can be caused by genetic, psychological, familial, social or cultural. bulimiashould try with the help of a physician, psychologist and family supportI learned vegetarians eat fruits and vegetables, but also portions of chicken and fish and they say they do to care for theenvironment, but has been shown that most do it to not be fat.I learned Alcoholism is a disease that is to have a strong need for alcohol. learning what types of alcoholics | What activities did I do toread write about young adults and disorders?We read articles about the of causes, effects and treatment for eating disorders and alcoholism and to read and write is necessary to practice the...
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