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  • Publicado : 26 de abril de 2011
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Looking “Good Can Kill You”
-Are you “dying to look good”? Unfortunately many young women today, who are trying to fit in, are actually dying from anorexia just so they can fit an image that theysee in magazines and on T.V. Anorexia occurs when a prolonged malfunction of eating decreases the lose of appetite, Anorexia usually begins in young people around the onset of puberty. “Why do I feelalive when I'm thin, and disgusted when I give in to the temptations of sin?. And why do I feel that sin is to feed my body, to nurture myself, to love my body to connect with myself ,to be myself?”Clearly these are the words of a girl with an eating disorder. She lived with this “commander”, who told her what to do, what she can eat, and how much she must exercise, for almost five years. The mediashould be limited and monitored because much of the information that is reflected portrays unrealistic body styles which many females aspire to have.

Anorexia is a disease, not a fashionstatement. All over the world girls young and old are becoming very self-conscious over their weight, Anorexia is a cry for help because of abuse or severe stress.
In my opinion the cause is fashion andsociety. Any magazine, TV, or ad on the internet we look at is full of "skinny" girls, our fashion statement is "skinny looks good in clothes, skinny is beautiful, etc" therefor most girls want to looklike that. It is not healthy, it is not the only pretty, it is not real. Becoming anorexic can cause heart problems, stomach problems, kidney problems, dehydration and more. Ninety percent of anorexiasufferers are women. For every 200 women in the general population, one to six will be affected by anorexia. Five to 18 percent of these affected women will die from this disorder.
We can change this.Models should be of all shapes and sizes not just skinny. Let it be know that anorexia is a life-threatening disease . Let the world know that we can save lives by just doing our part

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