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Anorexia is an eating disorder that involves a loss of weightcaused by the patient himself and leads to a state of starvation.Anorexia is characterized by the fear ofgaining weight anddistorted and delusional perception of one's body that makes the patient look fat even when their weight is below the recommended. Thus begins a progressive decrease in weight by fasting andreduced food intake.
Its cause is unknown, but social factors seem important. Although there are many cultural factors that can trigger anorexia, obesityitself sick.
Maternal obesity.Death or illness of a loved one.
Separation from parents.
Moving away from home.
School failures.
Traumatic events.
This condition is characterized by significantweight loss causedby the patient and a misperception of body
But it is the family that detects the symptoms sound the alarm:

Excessive preoccupation with calorie food composition andpreparation offood
Constant feeling cold
Progressive reduction of food
Obsessed with image, scale, and sport studies
Use of traps to avoid food
These symptoms are added other typicalfeatures such as irritability, depression and mood disorders or personality.
Admission to a medical center is required when:

Malnutrition is very serious and no changes in vital signs
When familyrelationships are unsustainable and it is better to isolate the patient
When mental disorders are aggravated.
Outpatient treatment is effective when:

Is detected at an early stage
No episodes of bulimia andvomiting and there is a family commitment for cooperation.

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