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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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Are you “dying to look good?" Unfortunately many teenagers today are actually dying of this horrible disease that each day is increasing more and more. Anorexia is an eating disordercharacterized by excessive weight loss, fear of gaining weight and distorted body self-perception .

Anorexiahas many biological and social causes. Obstetric complications, such as anemia, diabetes, preeclampsia etc. are the principal biological causes, on the other side teens who are trying to fit animage that they see in magazines and on T.V. of super skinny women and all the pressure such as bulling and a bad concept oh human beauty, are the social causes highly increasing anorexia.Anorexia has got many negative effects on a person; biologically it makes your immune system weak bringing you a lot of irreversible diseases and very bad effects that can even lead you todeath. Psychologically it can be even more dangerous. The mind is so powerful that it can make you see yourself in a total distorted way, in the most extreme cases their unhappiness gets them tosuicide.

On this times globalization is affecting us incontinently by giving us this “ideal” image of a perfect guy/girl by saying and demonstrating by images, magazines, media, entertainment,and music that to be pretty you have to be really skinny, with a perfect nose, a perfect body that can only be made by this magic called Photoshop and surgery. This unreachable prospect ofbeauty is making teenagers self conscious and giving them a low self-esteem taking them to this and a lot more medical problems just because they want to be something that doesn’t even exist.We have to make teenagers understand the risks and make them see that beauty is inside, and the most important thing is to be healthy and happy in order to have a good and “perfect” life.
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