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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2012
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I was alone, my mind was blank. I was walking down the street which leads to the park. Suddenly, I read one of the house’snumbers: “22 Acacia Avenue”. At the speed of light, all my dream’s thoughts come to my head. It could be caused because I get a little anxious when it’s dark.And it was there, in front of me, the evil face that twists my mind and brings me to dispair. It comes from my old, frightening dreams. I can’t control myselfwhen this feeling chills my bones... It’s like when the euphoria of a very uncommon drug mixes with your worst fear. I have to stop the voices on my head!
In thedistance I can see a person walking easy thorugh the street. I’m sorry about himself, I’m sorry about about his family and his friends, about his (possible)girlfriend and I’m sorry about all the things he wanted to to in his life. If it would be my choice, I would not kill him.
Slowly I take my skinning knife off frommy pocket. I start to walk a little bit faster. God saves me if he turns on another street! I’m about 20 inches from him, but still I can’t see his face.
Themoment arrives, my arm acts quicly, without any sign of doubt. I’m waiting to see all the blood of my victim over me but, this person doesn’t bleeds... I turn myhead up to look at his face...Another time the same face of my dreams! It’s seeking me nowhere I go, It’s in every poster, in every photo!...
I wake up sweatyfrom my comfortable bed, shaking my head to realize that was a nightmare... Or wasn’t it?

Antonio Rubio 2 Bat B
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