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  • Publicado : 18 de marzo de 2010
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I'm going to use the word miracle to describe what it did for me."
You do not have to suffer from panic attacks, senseless worrying or compulsions anymore
Multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies are using their extraordinary political and financial muscle to advertise their drugs directly to consumers in all print and broadcast media. [Pharmaceutical companies spent $4.1 billionadvertising drugs in 2004, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus]
Dozens of these gigantic publicly traded companies, eager to drive their stock prices higher, are competing ferociously with each other trying to sell us (and millions have bought) on the idea that if we are afraid of something, if those fears have become unreasonable (causing physical symptoms and possibly phobias), then we are broken, thatthere is no cure, no one knows what caused it and that you must take their potions to "balance" your brain - maybe for the rest of your life.
So that is what a growing number of people do. Heck, we've been conditioned for decades to take vitamin supplements and pain pills, so why not a different drug for fear and anxiety?
The problem with that is in most cases, it's completely false.
In alllikelihood, you are not broken at all. There is nothing organically wrong with your brain.
Most of the time, fears and even phobias are a very natural response that can be pretty darn easy (if you know how) to alleviate...
Yes, even the most intense fears, horrific, body-jarring panic attacks and obsessions can be eased and eliminated over a relatively short period of time without taking mindaltering drugs.
But usually in less than 10 minutes of discussion, those friendly university-educated folks in the white lab coats pull out their white pad and deftly slip you a "'script" to "help you through this tough time" and from that day forward, you and your life may never be the same.
After a couple months of taking drugs you may feel a bit better. Heck, you may feel a lot better.
Thetrouble is, chemicals can't, don't and never will get to the source of the problem (your thoughts), many of them are highly addictive and after a few months you could be hopelessly hooked on them. Just like a heroin addict, if you try to stop, your body may stage a revolt. Your mind fights you tooth and nail. And you become convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that your only savior from insanitycomes in a bottle.
And THAT becomes your new self-image. Mental patient.
Plus, there are so many possible "side" effects, including death.
And it's so tragic, because now when the predictable pressures of daily life predictably press upon you, they weaken you instead of strengthen you, you become less capable instead of more. You feel no more able to handle the normal everyday situations thanyou were the day you were handed that first prescription and made your first score.
The primary causes for anxiety and panic are easy to explain and can be even easier to mend.
Most anxiety, compulsions and panic disorders don't just "appear" out of thin air like a virus! That is preposterous.
No, they are induced through:
• Traumatic events
• Health problems/illness/pain
• Regularexposure to news of tragedy
• Daily stress in work or home
• Frequent criticism/pressures by others/feelings of inadequacy
• Loss of loved ones by death or separation
Yes, your past may have been very abnormal, even bizarre - a real horror show. But that does not mean that you are doomed to a life of obsessive-compulsive disorders, anxiety, panic or phobias.
The world is filled with vibrant, happypeople who have been subjected to the worst kind of horrors imaginable but who came out on top, better, stronger and more capable than they would have been otherwise. There are millions of people who match that description.
To be one too, you simply need to be infused with the kinds of life and skill enhancing thoughts and beliefs that they and millions of other confident, strong people have....
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