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s1. Engineering plastics exhibit mechanical and THERMAL properties. 2. The action of separating: SEGREGATION
3. Small pieces of something: SCRAPS 4. Knives, forks, and spoons used for eating and serving food? CUTLERY
5. Fuel and other sources of power: ENERGY 6. That can be decomposed bybacteria: BIODEGRADABLE
7. The term Engineering plastics refers to thermoplastic material rather than THERMOSETTING ones.
8. What are the physical PROPERTI of engineering materials?
9. Engineering plastics are used for parts rather than CONTAINERS and packaging.
10. Blow Moulding: Melt down the plastic and form it into a PARISON or perform.
11. Other properties of engineering plastics: high heatRESISTANCE, mechanical STRENGTH, rigidity, and CHEMICAL stability.
12. A plastic made by polymerizing two monomers: COPOLYMER 13. This plastic is flexible like rubber: ELASTOMER
14. A fair person is someone who treats other people EQUALLY. 15. I wasn’t able to come because I had a terrible COLD / HEADACHE.
16. Oh, no! I’ve hurt my ANKLE. I won’t be able to compete!17. I always get a streaming nose and red EYES at this time of the year!
18. Last week I couldn’t swallow anything! I COULD only eat ice cream!
19. If you want to lose WEIGHT, you must exercise every single day.
20. It’s DISRESPECTFUL to arrive late for classes. You must APOLOGIZE for it.
21. Being on time for a meeting is an example of good MANNERS.
22. My parents have told me thatI must show respect and KINDNESS to older people.

1. Suppose you don’t have money for the tickets, what do you do? didn’t / would
2. What should I do now? I think you might talk to Helen. should
3. Did your teacher like your project? No. Even though I work very hard, she doesn’t like it. worked / didn’t
4. What is best book you have ever read? the best5. I think this film is the better than the other one. better
6. You don’t have to eat in the classroom! It’s prohibited! mustn`t
7. You should read the book, but you mustn’t print the information. have to / don’t have to
8. Don’t you finished the project yet? I can help you with it. Haven’t
9. What films don’t you seen? I’ll tell you about them. haven’t10. What books haven’t you buy? I’ll buy them for you. bought
11. We had to arrive before 4:00 next Friday. have to arrive
11. Do you have to be there before 8:00 yesterday? Did
12. I had to get up at 5:00 from Monday to Friday in order to catch the first bus to school. have to get up
13. I read the book, but I don’t have to make asummary. didn’t have to make
14. While the taxi arrived, I was taking a shower. When
15. I arrived late while I got stuck in a traffic jam. because
16. Because I was watching TV, the lights went out. While
17. Peter was phoning when I was taking a nap. phoned
18. What did you do when it started to rain? I played soccer. were you doing / was playing19. Why do you moving to the country? Because it’s safer . are
20. I will have an appointment with Mr. Smith at 4:00. am having
21. I will let you know as soon as I will know something about it. know
22. Will phone as soon as you get home. Phone
23. If you study, you won’t pass the exam. don’t study
24. If I have money, Iwould travel around the world. had
25. We would go to the park if it doesn’t rain tomorrow. will
26. If the jacket didn’t cost too much, I will buy it. would buy
27. If you work harder, you would get higher grades. worked 28. If you hurried up, you will catch the last bus. hurry up
29. We will buy the tickets if they weren’t expensive....
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