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manuel ortis

 aluminio termico o Geometry  Solid o Mesh o Steady-State Thermal  Initial Condition  Analysis Settings  Loads  Solution  Solution Information  Results POLIETILENO o Geometry  Solid o Mesh o Steady-State Thermal  Initial Condition  Analysis Settings  Loads  Solution  Solution Information  Results Material Data o Aluminum Alloy o PolyethyleneTemperature-Dependent Convection Coefficients o Stagnant Air - Simplified Case 2

 

TABLE 1 Unit System Metric (cm, g, dyne, °C, s, V, A) Angle Degrees Rotational Velocity rad/s

aluminio termico
TABLE 2 aluminio termico > Geometry Geometry Fully Defined Definition C:\Users\MANE\Desktop\Dibujos ANSYS\Nueva carpeta\aluminio termico.agdb DesignModeler Millimeters

Object NameState Source Type Length Unit

Element Control Display Style Length X Length Y Length Z Volume Mass Bodies Active Bodies Nodes Elements Import Solid Bodies Import Surface Bodies Import Line Bodies Parameter Processing Personal Parameter Key CAD Attribute Transfer Named Selection Processing Material Properties Transfer CAD Associativity Import Coordinate Systems Reader Save Part File Import UsingInstances Do Smart Update Attach File Via Temp File Analysis Type Mixed Import Resolution Enclosure and Symmetry Processing

Program Controlled Part Color Bounding Box 23. cm 20. cm 7.5 cm Properties 708.65 cm³ 1963. g Statistics 1 1 11321 5794 Preferences Yes Yes Yes Yes DS No No No Yes No No Yes No No 3-D None Yes

TABLE 3 aluminio termico > Geometry > Parts Solid Object Name State MeshedGraphics Properties Visible Yes Transparency 1 Definition Suppressed No Material Aluminum Alloy Stiffness Behavior Flexible Nonlinear Material Effects Yes Bounding Box Length X 23. cm Length Y 20. cm

Length Z 7.5 cm Properties Volume 708.65 cm³ Mass 1963. g Centroid X 0.74922 cm Centroid Y -6.3971e-003 cm Centroid Z 2.1796 cm Moment of Inertia Ip1 48029 g·cm² Moment of Inertia Ip2 61521 g·cm²Moment of Inertia Ip3 96316 g·cm² Statistics Nodes 11321 Elements 5794 FIGURE 1 aluminio termico > Geometry > Figure


TABLE 4 aluminio termico > Mesh Mesh Object Name State Solved Defaults Physics Preference Mechanical Relevance 100 Advanced Relevance Center Coarse Element Size Default Shape Checking Standard Mechanical Solid Element Midside Nodes Program Controlled Straight SidedElements No Initial Size Seed Active Assembly Smoothing Low Transition Fast Statistics Nodes 11321 Elements 5794 FIGURE 2 aluminio termico > Mesh > Figure

Steady-State Thermal
TABLE 5 aluminio termico > Analysis Object Name Steady-State Thermal State Fully Defined Definition Physics Type Thermal Analysis Type Steady-State TABLE 6 aluminio termico > Steady-State Thermal > Initial Condition InitialCondition Object Name State Fully Defined Definition Initial Temperature Uniform Temperature Initial Temperature Value 22. °C

TABLE 7 aluminio termico > Steady-State Thermal > Analysis Settings Analysis Settings Object Name State Fully Defined Step Controls Number Of Steps 1. Current Step 1. Number Step End Time 1. s Auto Time Stepping Program Controlled Solver Controls Solver Type ProgramControlled Nonlinear Controls Heat Convergence Program Controlled Temperature Program Controlled Convergence Line Search Program Controlled Output Controls Calculate Thermal Yes Flux Calculate Results At All Time Points Analysis Data Management Solver Files C:\Users\MANE\Desktop\Dibujos ANSYS\Nueva carpeta\aluminio termico Directory Simulation Files\Steady-State Thermal\ Future Analysis None Save ANSYSdb No Delete Unneeded Yes Files Nonlinear Solution Yes TABLE 8 aluminio termico > Steady-State Thermal > Loads Convection Object Name Temperature 2 Temperature State Fully Defined Scope Scoping Method Geometry Selection Geometry 1 Face 13 Faces 32 Faces Definition Type Temperature Convection Magnitude 60. °C (ramped) 90. °C (ramped) Suppressed No Film Coefficient Stagnant Air - Simplified Case...
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