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This story begins in a country ruled by a World Council. The man that tells the story goes by the name of Equality 7-2521. He goes by this name is this because in this country all men have numbers as names and they must wear a bracelet on their left hand with their number on it. Equality 7-2521 is 20 years old. He is 6 feet tall and it is said that he was born with a curse,since he grew bigger than his brothers. He also believes that he was born with a curse because he has forbidden thought and has preferences
The laws in this country are made and regulated by different Councils. There are several Councils; the Council of vocations that decides what a man’s profession is going to be for the rest of his life. The Council of Scholars is in charge of theeducation of children and teachers. The World Council is the main ruler in the country. These councils have created many laws. When a person breaks a law it is called a transgression of a sin. The main law is that all mean are equal and no one thinks or acts by himself. All the people refer to themselves as “we”, and the work “I” does not exist.
In this country there are no cars, nobuildings, and no electricity. People use wagons with horses in order to transport. They use candles to see in the dark. Men and women go each spring in the City Palace of Mating in order to make babies. The babies are born every winter and after they are born they never see their parents again. The children live in the Home of the Infants until they are 5 years old. When they turn five they aresent to the Home of the Students where the teachers teach them the laws and basics of the country. They live here for five years until the Council of Vocations assigns them their profession. When they are assigned a profession they work until they are 40 years old. At this age they are sent to the home of the useless were they wait for their death.
Since he was in the home of the infants,Equality 7-2521 was always punished for being different than the others. He was smarter than the other students in the Home of the Scholars, and sometimes smarter than his teachers. He wanted to be sent to the Home of the Scholars when he grew up. When he was fifteen, the Council of Vocation sent him to the Home of the Street Sweeper where he had to work for the rest of his life. He felt badwhen this happened to him but he accepted it because he felt guilty for wishing something and committing transgressions.
During the time that Equality 7-2521 worked as a street sweeper he wasn’t happy. He always wanted to learn new things. He loved science, he wanted to know everything about it but he couldn’t. Each day he would work for 5 hours, and then he would go back to the Home ofthe Street Sweeper to take lunch. After lunch he had to go back to work for another 5 hours and then to the city theater for social recreation. One he was working by the fields where only the women worked. That day he saw a beautiful woman which he called “The Golden One”. Everyday he would go by the fields and stare at her and she would stare back at him. He was doing well during this timeuntil one day when he found something that would change his life forever.992
He was working by the City Theater with two other Sweepers, Union 5-3992 and International 4-8818. They were cleaning plain by the Uncharted Forest when he suddenly saw an iron bar among the weeds. He and International 4-8818 pulled the iron bar and saw a dark hole that leaded down. International 4-8818 did not godown but Equality -72521 did. Once under there, he found some iron tracks and light bulbs that he didn’t recognize and just called glass bobbles. He believed that this placed was built during the Unmentionable Times before the Great Rebirth. He agreed with International 4-8818 to not report what they found.
After that incident when he found the tunnel, Equality 7-2521 would escape...
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