Antigone analisis

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reasons of ismene for not helping to her sister to give sepulture to her brother polinice.
• first of all she thinks that in her family have had many death first his father, then his mother, nextboth brother which kill themselves each other, and now if she and her sister give sepulture to her brother they also would death,
• second she thinks that the woman are weaker than man, so they can'tfight agains the man, and
• finally she thinks that they are submitted to the power of creonte for that reason she must obey.
• For her are more important the law of city.
• Ismene thinks thatAntigone not will has success in her cometido, but at the same time she thinks that Antigone does lo que a real friend woul do for her lovely people.
reasons of antigone for give sepulture to herbrother.
• for her is more important to be in accordance with the Gods, instead that with people who has the power in Thebas, she prefers died doing the will of Gods, since she said that "always I haveto lye underground" nevertheless her sister will not be in peace with Gods.
• Besides in that moment Antigone decides not recibe any help from Ismene, although Ismene cambiara de opinion.
• ForAntigone is more important the law of God.
• For her is worst to live than died without glory.

Characteristics Antigone
She was a valiant woman with convictions
She respect the law of god, sincefor her was the most important

Desitions of Creonte for not give holy sepulture to Polinice
• Creonte believe that every enemy of Thebas deserve to die without honor.
• when someone decides togive holy sepulture to polinices, Creonte thinks that people of the city have corrompido to the guards, because he said that people of Thebas is not happy or (conforme) with him as a king, so he thinksthe guard have been corrompidos by money. the messengers said to Creonte que o jusgue por sospechas siendo que las sospechas could be false,
• Corifeo said him perhaps have been the will of God,...
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