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What They Didn’t Teach You at Medical School

Alan V. Parbhoo

What They Didn’t Teach You at Medical School

Alan V. Parbhoo MBBS (London), BSc (Hons.), MRCS (England) St Bartholmew’s and Royal London Hospitals NHS Trust London, UK

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Introduction Acknowledgements 1 2 3 A Brief History of the National Health Service Modern National Health Service Trusts Applying for Pre-registration House Officer Posts The Pre-registration House Officer Is in Danger of Extinction… and What Will Replace It? Foundation Schemes Teaching Hospital or District General Hospital? MatchingSchemes: Job or No Job? Finding a Vacant Post Applying for a Post Interviews Surviving the Pre-registration House Officer Post Introduction Prioritising the Working Day To Take Away Sheets Note Keeping Medical Notes and Medical Records Radiographs and the Film Library Equipment Pre-admission Clinics

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vi Contents

Out-patient ClinicsAdmitting, Discharging and Transferring Patients Ward Layout/Putting Things Back Consent Performing Procedures How to Deal with the Death of Your Patient Death Certificates Cremation Forms The Coroner and Post-mortems Dress Code and Personal Hygiene 5 The Team The Department The Firm Your Consultant: Keeping Them Happy Roles and Responsibilities of the Boss Staffing: Permanent Staff Versus FluidStaff What Does Your Consultant Need from Their Pre-registration House Officer? Why Your Consultant Does Not Know Your Name What You Can Do to Ease the Pressure Nurses What to Say/Not to Say Ten Things Doctors Do That Nurses Hate Ten Things Nurses Do That Doctors Hate Giving Instructions Sexual Relationships with Nursing Staff and Allied Health Professionals Radiologists and Radiographers RequestingInvestigations: Urgent Versus Non-urgent Radiological Procedures: What Information Is Required and What to Do Specialist Radiology Therapists and Professionals Allied to Medicine Physiotherapists Occupational Therapists Speech and Language Therapists Dieticians

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10 Referring and Requesting Why Refer? Types of Referral Refer to Whom? The ‘Art’ 11 Clinics Out-patient Clinics Fracture Clinics Pre-admission/Pre-assessment Clinics 12 The Operating Theatre Getting to Know the Staff Learning Anatomy Dos Don’ts 13 Laboratory Investigations 14 Getting Registered and Applying for Senior House Office Posts Clinical Tutor General Medical Council Registration...