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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2011
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The Antioxidants

The antioxidants have many properties or functions but, it has of many clases all they defend to us of the aggression of the free radicals.

Without count the passage of theyear, great part of the excuses that we suffered must to the accumulation of aggressions to the cells on the part of the free radicals.

This cellular damage is accumulated dangerously because weaccelerate this process taking more free radicals that they form outside our body: the tobacco, the pollution, the solar radiation… Luckily, our body is launching an array of defenses, the enzymes and theantioxidants, that they stop the formation of the free radicals, pick them up and repair their outrages. If there a potion for preserve the youth, Do not drink it? These are the antioxidants.Well, scientists have found that antioxidants are right under your nose: they are in your food, in your vitamin boat and in your store of the foods. And above are safe and cost very little money.

Thethree major portions antioxidants:

• Vitamin C
What it does? Protects arteries. Stimulates the immune system. Prevents cancer, lung disease and cataracts.
Where is it? Especially in fruits andvegetables, including peppers and cucumber, melon, papaya, strawberries, brussels sprouts, all citrus, kiwi, broccoli and tomato.
Is it advisable to take supplements? If you do not eat lots of fruitand vegetables if advisable, since, in addition, there is no danger of the vitamin is more secure.

• Vitamin E
What it does? It is the most important vitamin supplement to combat the infirmitiesof age. It blocks the oxidation of cholesterol and other harmful lipids. Prevents heart attacks and cancer, prevents deterioration of the arteries. Increases defense. Protects the brain fromdegenerative diseases.
Where is it? In vegetable oils (soybean, corn and sunflower), nuts, seeds and grains.
Should take a supplement? If, in capsules of wheat germ oil, for example, because you do not...