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By: William Shakespeare

Mark Antony and Brutus clearly show their magnificent and wonderful orator skills convincing the crowd. Both speeches had the power to manipulate the people that werepresent, but it was obvious the crowd was astonished after Antony speech. Although Antony had many restriction of what he was going to say in his speech, he manage to deliver what he wanted by using wordsthat would not attack Brutus. Cassius was the only one that did not like the idea of Antony doing his own speech because he was conscious that he had excellent orator skills. Brutus did a convincingspeech nevertheless Antony’s was superior and it made people believe every single word he said.
In my opinion, Antony and Brutus had different purposes in their speeches. Brutus directly attacksCaesar and put himself as a honorable men that only murder him because he was defending his country: “Not that I lov’d Caesar less, but that I lov’d Rome more” (Act 3, Scene 2, 21-22). He said that hekilled Caesar to avoid Romans become slaves because that would betray Rome ideals of freedom. I believe the weakness of the speech was that he blamed everything to Caesar, and made people believe hewas innocent man. For these reasons, I don’t think his speech was effective but it did manipulate people until Antony did his own speech.
On the other hand, Antony strategy was totally different fromBrutus. He made an excellent use of rhetoric in his speech making people blame Brutus for everything but without mention any direct accusations. “He [Caesar] was my friend, faithful and just to me;But Brutus says he was ambitious, And Brutus is an honorable man” (Act 3, Scene 2, 83-85). This type of expression Antony used to convince people that Brutus murder Caesar just to obtain power. Anothercharacteristic of this speech was that he gave rhetoric question to the crowd while Brutus made only a monologue without making people to analyze the situation.
Antony mentions several times that...
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