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  • Publicado : 29 de septiembre de 2010
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100 years ago

100 years ago life was very quiet and peaceful. Although there were many scientific advances, but people were happy with what they had and they settled to their needs.

Therewere no computers or fast food but the people gathered with family to eat traditional stews and used books and much more information that there were great thinkers.
The clothes were very tight andelegant, there were no marks but everyone was dressed very well and looked perfect. There was no pollution, horse carts was the daily transportation of people, now, cars pollute enough with thecontinuous emission of gases.
100 years ago had no seats or recreation center for people but there were a lot of parks and art drove many. No television but people creating games for entertainmentand fun.
Today, 100 years later, our world is an era of globalization, technology is advancing day by day, pollution is slowly killing the earth, people only think of work, television and videogames, and not shared time with and family values are being lost. I believe that life was much better 100 years ago, but time does not return, and we must live the present.

Shirley De la SanchaR..
English Advanced
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Por ai' andan contando que dices,que con otra te vas a casar.

Son habladas las que andan diciendo,

nadiepuede ocupar mi lugar.

Me pediste que yo te quisiera,

ypor eso mil besos te dí,

ahora tu ese favor me lo pagas,

con burlarte y hablar mal de mí....
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