Antros sustentables


Night clubs are places where the youth is gathered to have a good time but a lot of energy is wasted on this entertainment.
In the search for alternatives to energy created byfuel, many companies, organizations and businesses have created technologic solutions for the transforming of energy from eco-friendly sources such as solar panels, water recycling systems, etc. Thedisadvantage that represent these amazing alternatives is their cost, their maintenance and their accessibility, so they cant be implemented anywhere.

However, there have been agreed newprices and shares with the suppliers of this machinery, particularly in England, where the first self-sustainable dance club “Dance4Climate” has been created. The cost of admission into the ecologicclubs has been tried to keep as if it were a normal club’s.

Engineers and scientists have created new systems and instruments that can be used in any part of the world and that use naturalresources and mechanics to transform the energy of the weather and people. These mechanisms can be applied into a dance club and even generate 60% of the club’s energy. Solar panels, moisture agentsthat transform it into water, sound bouncing walls (so that the volume doesn’t have to be too high), floor plaques that turn the energy created by peoples dancing into electricity for the club.Conclusions:
In conclusion, the highest expense is made when buying and installing the equipment since the maintenance is only a constant supervision of the equipment and the cost of fuel energy is veryreduced since it doesn’t have to be paid as much as if it was 100% used.

With the support of distributors, ecologic organizations and maintenance of the machinery, these dance clubs should beperfectly sustainable in any part of the world and become a good inversion not only to their owners but to the environment.

To make this plan work would represent a great ecological...
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