Any small goodness

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Any small Goodness means that no matter how big or small it is a good action, will always bring a better action. It means that even when bad things happen we should always look for a bright side on the situation and most importantly we should always remember that we should do what we love with those that we love.
Tony Johnston has been writing for more than 40 years. Asa fourth-grade teacher in California, she first began writing stories for her students. Then in the 1960s, as an assistant to a children’s book editor in New York, she continued writing encouraged by other writers such as Charlotte Zolotow. While living in Mexico City during the 1970s, Johnston raised a family and sold her first book. She also wrote in Spanish, having several stories commissionedby the Mexican government. Currently, Johnston lives in California. Any Small Goodness is her fi rst novel and refl ects life in the two places she loves the most, Los Angeles and Mexico.
Characters and their characterizations:
Arturo- Known as Turo, main character, loves his family and friends. Compare himself with a cactus: prickles sometimes but has his chance to flowers. Like to playbasketball, reads the LA Times completely.
Rosa- Arturo’s little sister, believe that everything she owns most be pink color.
Luis- Arturo’s brother. Play the trumpet in a band named Mega Mango, he loves music
Arturo’s Mom-her name is Rosa. She loves to cook
Arturo’s Dad- his name is Arturo also. He is a gentleman. Works at a Mexican furniture store.
Miss Pringle- Arturo’s teacher “she gotexcessive sparkle” Chipper and rubbery-dolphin smile
Raul- Arturo’s friend likes weird words
Jaime - Arturo’s friend
Alicia- Arturo’s friend, her eyes look like two dark and hurting bruises.
Lloyd- Alias Rat Nose; Arturo’s friend, is a gringo.
Abuelita (Arturo’s grandmother) - very Mexican style lady, old she is around her 80’s. Wears black since her husband died
Huitlacoche- known as Huitlaalso, is the cat’s family. His names come from a Mexican fungus.
Leo Love- an old white man, wire-bearded and small, talk stiff. He finds Huitla’s, is also allergic to cats and also a hero for the family. Is also Rosa’s pen pal
Coach Tree- a very good guy, willing to help the school. He is always late and doesn’t have the nicest car. He knows a lot about basketball.
Jose- is Alicia’s brother;he is a troublemaker at school. He is the best player in the basketball team. The coach works one on one with him so he doesn’t throw his life in a dumpster.
Leona Scott-known as mama dulce; She is a pianist that dedicates her life to help the community. She has a quote that inspire Arturo, “Love each other. Help each other”
Flor Morales- Comadre of Turo’s mom
Leño Morales- Compadre ofTuro’s dad
Ms. Cloud- the school librarian since Arturo moves to LA. She is a mysterious lady that no one s knows about her life.
Officer Paster- good guy that had compassion with the Rodriguez family especially with Rosa when the gang shoot their house and he brings her a new lunch box in order smooth the whole situation and to make Rosa happy again
Carlos- is Luis best friend, also called “Flan”Vocabulary or key words:
1. Pervade (page 5)
a. To become spread throughout all parts of.
b. Difundirse por.
c. The Spring pervaded the air.
2. Wailed (page 8)
d. To utter a prolonged, inarticulate, mournful cry, usually high-pitched or clear-sounding, as in grief or suffering
e. Gemido
f. My little cousin wailed as soon as she saw her mom.3. Swamp (page 23)
g. A tract of wet, spongy land, often having a growth of certain types of trees and other vegetation, but unfit for cultivation.
h. Pantano
i. There are always alligators on the swamp.
4. Tenderness (page 23)
j. Weak or delicate in constitution; not strong or hardy.
k. Sencibilidad
l. The meat is so tender that it melts in my...
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