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Between the years of 1870 and 1914, Europe was tensed and on its way of going through a terrible war. Nationalism was sprouting all around. In the Balkans, these nationalist tensions affected gravelyand very directly the outbreak of WWI as secrets among the larger powers sprouted, wars for nationalism took place, and a terrorist assassination occurred which shocked the entire world. It was boundto happen, war would come and the tensions in the Balkans had much to do with how serious everything would turn out to be.
There were many sorts of nationalist tensions through which the Balkanpeople went through between 1870 an 1914. The first Balkan crisis occurred in 1908 when the Russian and Austrian foreign ministers came to a secret agreement in which, at an international conference,Russia would favor Austrian annexation of Bosnia and Austria would let Russian warships enter through the Straits. However, the Austrians decided to annex Bosnia without further delay, which angered theSerbs because Bosnia had been made theirs. The Serbs knew nothing about this secret agreement and how Russia, their ‘Slav brothers’, had rudely agreed to something that would hurt them. Second, afterRussia had embarrassingly lost the war against the Japanese and were weak because of the revolutionary wave back at home, they accepted the Austrian fait accompli which helped create even more tensionin the Balkans because Austrian influence was growing and being forced upon their peoples. The first Balkan war came after in 1911 when Italy declared war on Turkey and later in 1913 when Albania wasbeing fought by Serbia, Greece, Italy, and Austria. The larger powers agreed to make of it an independent nation: Austria was pleased because it kept the Serbs from the Sea, and the Serbs andRussians were unhappy which led to the third and worst Balkan crisis which occurred in 1914, when Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by a Serbian terrorist. The world was shocked and...
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