Ap us history chapter 27-29

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AP U.S. History - Ch. 27-28 Stem Questions (IMPERIALISM) – Mr. H. Martinez

|1. What did Rev. Josiah Strong advocate in his book Our Country: Its |to spread American religions and values |
|Possible Future and its Present Crisis? ||
|2. By the 1890s, why was the U.S. bursting with a new sense of power? |In the 1890’s, the country was bursting with a new sense of power generated by the|
| |robust growth in population, wealth, and productive capacity and needed to expand |
||or it would explode |
|3. What was a major factor in the shift in American foreign policy toward |the need for overseas markets for increased industrial and agricultural production|
|imperialism? ||
|4. What did U.S. naval Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan argued for? |control of the sea was the key to the U.S.' world domination |
| 5. What did Secretary of State Richard Olney invoke to justify American |Monroe Doctrine |
|intervention in the Venezuela boundary dispute withBritain? | |
| 6. How did Latin American nations react as a result of the settlement of |Latin American nations were pleased by the determination of the U.S. to protect |
|the Venezuelan boundary dispute? |them|
|7. Why was Hawaii’s Queen Liliuokalani removed from power? |she insisted that native Hawaiians should control Hawaii |
|8. The annexation of what region would touch off the first major |Hawaii |
|imperialistic debate in Americanhistory? | |
|9. Why did President Grover Cleveland reject the effort to annex Hawaii? |a majority of native Hawaiians opposed annexation to the U.S. |
|10. In an attempt to persuade Spain to leave Cuba or to encourage the United|burned the cane fields and sugarmills |
|States to help Cuba to gain its independence, Cuban insurrectos did what? | |
|11. The battleship Maine was sent to Cuba for what purpose? |to protect and evacuate Americans if a dangerous flare up should occur |
|12. Why did PresidentWilliam McKinley ask Congress to declare war on Spain?|American people demanded it |
|13. What did the Teller Amendment state? |it proclaimed to the world that when the United States had overthrown Spanish |
| |misrule, it wouldgive the Cubans their freedom |
|14. Who was the Philippine nationalist who led the insurrection against |Emilio Aguinaldo |
|both Spanish rule and United States occupation? | |
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