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General Format

Choose a normal 12 font and double space for most publications. Use one-inch margins and indent the first line of each paragraph one-half inch.

Level ofHeadings


Centred, Not Italicized, Title Case

Centred, Italicized, & Title Case

Left Margin, Italicized, & Title Case

Indented, italicized, & sentencecase with period.

1. Numbers

Generally, use words for zero to nine, and figures for 10 and above.

2. Paraphrasing & Quoting

Paraphrasing is describing someone else’s ideaor data in your own words. When you do this, you must acknowledge the source. You can place the source at the end of the sentence (Buckley, 1998). Alternatively, you can mention in the sentence, forexample, that authorities such as Buckley (1998) provide cautions about plagiarism.

When you are directly quoting someone else’s words, in addition to noting the source, you must use quotationmarks (for a brief quote within your sentence). Furthermore, as Buckley (1998) suggests, “whenever possible, make quoted material part of your own sentence structure” (p. 61).
Youmust use block quotation structure for a quote of 40 words or more. The quote becomes a free-standing block of text that is indented five spaces from the left margin. Quotation marks are omitted and thereference to the page number is shown in parentheses after the quote. Here’s an example using the classic definition of community organization developed by Ross (1967):
a process by which acommunity identifies its needs or objectives, orders (or ranks) those objectives, develops the confidence and will to work at these needs or objectives, finds the resources (internal or external) to dealwith these needs or objectives, takes action in respect to them, and in so doing extends and develops cooperative and collaborative attitudes and practices in the community. (p. 40)
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