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* dBodyID dBodyCreate (dWorldID world) 
Rigid and make that return as the ID number Returns

* const dReal * dBodyGetPosition (dBodyID body) 
Rigid body’s center of gravity position toobtain the return pointer

* const dReal * dBodyGetRotation (dBodyID body) 
The rotation matrix pointer to get the returns

* void dBodySetMass (dBodyID body, const dMass * mass) 
Rigidbody mass to set the parameters for mass

* void dBodySetPosition (dBodyID body, dReal x, dReal y, dReal z) 
Rigid body’s center of gravity to the absolute coordinate system (x, y, z) to set upthe position

* void dBodySetRotation (dBodyID body, const dMatrix3 R) 
Rigid body to rotate the position to represent the procession set up R

* dGeomID dCreateBox (dSpaceID space, dReallx, dReal ly, dReal lz) 
The length of each side space (lx, ly, lz) to generate the rectangular solid geometry.

* dGeomID dCreateCylinder (dSpaceID space, dReal r, dReal l) 
Radius r, l lengthof the cylindrical geometry to generate the returns that ID number

* dGeomID dCreatePlane (dSpaceID space, dReal a, dReal b, dReal c, dReal d) 
space to ax by cz = d plane geometry to generate* void dGeomSetBody (dGeomID geom, dBodyID body) 
Two attributes of the object geometry and rigid body associate geom

* dSpaceID dHashSpaceCreate (0) 
Space collision calculation togenerate the returns that ID number
* void dJointGroupEmpty (dJointGroupID) 
Contact points are stored in the empty a joint group

* void dJointAttach (dJointID joint, dBodyID body1, dBodyIDdBody2) 
Body1 joint rigid joints and to enlist body2

* dJointGroupID dJointGroupCreate (0) 
Contact group to store a joint group to generate the returns that ID number

* voiddMassSetBoxTotal (dMass * mass, dReal m, dReal lx, dReal ly, dReal lz) 
Size (lx, ly, lz), total quality m rectangular solid mass of parameters to calculate the mass
* void dMassSetCylinderTotal (dMass *...
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