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PART IV: Appendices

APPENDIX A: Maintenance and Customer Service APPENDIX B: Hand Held Remote APPENDIX C: MC 24/48 Console Specifications APPENDIX D: Listing of Moving Light Definitions


MC 24/48 Version 1.03

APPENDIX A: Maintenance and Customer Service
Upgrading Software
The MC 24/48 console has the ability to have new versions of softwareloaded into it from floppy disk, like upgrading software on a personal computer. The disk must be an MC 24/48 Operating System disk in order for the procedure to function correctly. Your console was shipped with an Operating System disk that has a copy of the original software version that was loaded in it when it was tested at the factory. The entire upgrade procedure takes less than a half-hour, butit is recommended that you do the upgrade on a day that does not require use of the console.


HINT: The upgrade procedure can take 15 minutes or more, and involves turning off
power to the console. Therefore, the upgrade should be done when the console is not being used to control lights.

You may follow the same procedure to “downgrade” to an earlier version of software, if you wish.Any show files that you have saved on disk from earlier software versions will still work with later versions of software, although they will not contain any information for the new features in the newer software. Shows that are recorded on a later version of software may not be compatible with earlier versions of software, however.


BASIC RULE: Show files are “ upward compatible”for newsoftware, but not “ downward
compatible”for old versions of software.

To initiate a software upgrade, simply turn off the console and insert the MC 24/48 System disk with the new software on it. Turn on the console and allow it to completely read the new system software from the disk. You must not turn off the console or unplug power from it during this process. The monitor screen will track theprogress of the new software loading. When this process is complete, a message appears that indicates that the upgrade was successful At this point you can verify that you have successfully loaded new software by observing the version number shown at the top of the Setup display.


NOTE: If you should experience a power failure or other problem that causes a
malfunction during the upgradeprocedure, turn the power switch to “ , wait a Off” few seconds, and turn it back to “ . If you cannot restore the console to normal On” functioning, call NSI Corporation Field Service at (800) 864-2502 for further instructions.


MC 24/48 Version 1.03

APPENDIX A: Maintenance and Customer Service

Replacing AC Power Fuses


CAUTION: You must replace fuses withnew fuses of the proper type and rating, or else
your console can be damaged and any safety compliance certifications (UL, C- UL, CE, etc.) voided.

Power Input Fuses: The power input fuses are located in the fuse holder integral with the power input connector on the hack of the console. They protect the entire console including the convenience receptacles on the hack. They must he replaced withBussman Part No. GDC-4A, Littelfuse Part No. 218004, or Wickman Part No. 19195-4A fuses. These fuses are 5x20 mm fuses rated 4A, 250V with a Type T (IEC 127-2/III) (Slow Blow) operating characteristic. Replacement is as follows; 1. 2. 3. 4. Remove the power supply cable. Insert a screwdriver in the slot exposed by removing (he cable, and pry out the fuse block. Replace the blown fuse(s) with a newone. Re-insert the fuse block with its arrow up.


WARNING! The console contains high voltage (120 or 240 VA C) which can cause injury
or death. Be sure to unplug the console from its AC power source before performing any maintenance inside the console. Due to risk of electrical shock all maintenance and repair inside console must be performed by qualified service personnel.

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