Aplication of redox method in day a day life

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  • Publicado : 10 de febrero de 2011
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Day a day, every second of every time, chemicals reactions are occurring all around us. One of this many, are the reduction-oxidation (redox) reactions, without us even noticing. In order to explainhow redox reactions get involve in our common life, let’s begin by explaining what this reactions are.
Redox reactions are a series of reaction between different substances, which involve electrontransfer processing from ne atom to another. This process involves do agents; The reducing agent is the element that gives up its electrons to the other agent, increasing its own oxidation number (itoxides); the oxidizing agent is the one whom receives the electrons, and end up with a lower oxide state than it was before (it reduces). An oxidation number (or oxidation state) is a number assigned toeach atom in a redox reaction. Reactions that produce, transfer or combine electrons are called electrochemical reactions.
This kind of reaction is commonly found in our day a day life; mostlyinvolved in the batteries.
If you understand how batteries work, you understand a key part of chemistry and biochemistry, sins batteries work with the redox reaction. All biochemical energy reactions,such as photosynthesis, chemosynthesis, respiration, phosphorilation, etc., depend on redox chemistry.

There are two kinds of batteries; dry cell battery and car battery kind.
- Car Battery Kind;This kind of battery can be practically pictured to be formed by two liquid solutions connected by a wire. One of the solutions is the oxidizing agent and the other one the reducing agent. The wireallows electrons to pass back and forth between the two solutions, but to ensure that the flow goes both ways.
The two solutions are also connected by a "salt bridge." The salt bridge contains a gel orsolution that permits ions to pass back and forth, but it also contains membrane that prevents the solutions to actually mix. The mos common car battery used is the lead battery:
The anode is...
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