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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2012
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Title of movie: Apocalypto
Director: Mel Gibson
Description of 2 main characters: The first one is the one they call almost he is thin, he’s strong and most of all he is very intelligent, and hehas a great leadership. The one that for me is the other main character is the leader of the mayas that came to colonize he is strong and he thinks brutally, and ruthless. has no compassion for anyoneor anything. He is not that intelligent he use more his muscles than his brain.
How was life in small villages? It was a little primitive, the persons there were very close, they support each otherand were willing to give their lives for a partner, and it was like a huge family. They didn’t have much and they made everything and hunt their own food, they made their clothing, their homes, andtheir weapons. They didn’t have anything fancy, no jewellery everything was things they hunt animals and stuff, they do things themselves. They protect each other, all were almost the same. The leader andit didn’t kill anyone of its own tribe.
How was life in big cities? It was almost the same but, they had more stuff and they made sacrifices, their jewellery was more beautiful they sale slaves,and the kill people, they didn’t protect each other they were only thinking about themselves. They were not like a family they didn’t care about others.
Why were the mayas dying? Because there were alot of sacrifices and they kill each other. They didn’t care is they were killing their own people.
who were the people that took slaves to sacrifice? They were the same mayas, they only had likehigher levels and the make war, and colonize other villages, but they all were mayas.
What did you see in the movie that is just like nowadays? The violence against to our own kind, they believe insomething, or someone, just like us. The survival of the strongest and that the power was just for some people they had like a leader in all tribes, just like us that we have a president. They were...
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