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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2011
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Second Half

Teacher: Wendy Peregrino Rodríguez

Aristóteles Contributions

Monday, 11 April 2011

Contributions Aristóteles

Who got the first experimental identificationof the atomic number and nuclear charge of an element.
Established a relationship between the frequencies of the lines of X-ray emission, and concluded that it should be the nuclear charge of atomthus confirmed the suggestion made a few months earlier by A. van der Broek that the nuclear charge indicated the position of an element in the periodic system.
4. Theoretical philosophy.4.1. Substance.
Outside of real things, substances, there being. This idea that broke with the dualism of being platonic, considered only the substance as being. The relations between substances, qualities, etc.,Were only the accidents.
4.2. Hylomorphic: matter and form.
Reflections on the substance led him to distinguish in it two elements. For if we take any particular substance, such as a concrete humanbeing, you will find in it something that belongs to the whole human race, something that lies in the concept of "man" and at the same time, characteristics that distinguish it of other humanbeings. These features include the concept, which belong to the definition, Aristotle called "form", the rest called it "art." But the matter never exists independently. Actually there are only specific groupsof form and matter, a concept called the "hylomorphic" (Greek: elements - matter; morphe - form). Although the two elements are indispensable for the existence of being, however, the form is moreimportant than matter. The way he became the essence of things.
4.3. Movement.
Being form the essence of natural things, it must also be "energy" or "act" as the essence of things is theaction. "Being" does not take up space but to act. If, then, how is the act, matter is the "power" means something that is not yet, but it can be, while the act is what we came to be. The movement, then, is the...
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