Appealing to the senses

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  • Publicado : 20 de junio de 2011
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Appealing to the Senses

The tropical country of Venezuela located on thenorthern coast of South America is where I grew up for seventeen years. Originally USA is where I born. Venezuela is considered a country with extremely high biodiversity, with habitatsranging from the Andes mountains in the west to the Amazon Basin rainforest in the south, extensive llanos plains and Caribbean coast.
Venezuela has incredible blue beaches,tropical green forests, and gentle grassland of the llanos. Traditional music of Venezuela there is salsa and merengue, soft and scratching noises. Not my taste of music. Once you get thereand caught a breath, you catch the scent of clean and sweet freshness in the air. There was a time when I took the bus, it was always full of people, outside is hot enough, and now ismore hot getting on the bus going through all the people’s warm and sweaty bodies, after that I never took the bus again. A food I ate most of the time is “arepa”, where you can fillit with anything you want, is kind of like bread. In my case I fill my fresh arepa with rich and juicy chicken. Venezuelan food is a little salty and sweet because of the people likeit flavored, including spicy and hot.
Isla de Margarita is a beautiful island where you want to stop by. You can taste the exotic hot drinks they have there. My first time drinkingalcohol was bitter and sour. Nice breeze hit you straight in the face, never too cold or too hot, temperature perfect to do anything. Travelers come to enjoy the warm sun, cool andsmooth white sands, and the pleasant turquoise waters of this small Caribbean island. The climate is hot and tropical, the best place to spend the vacations with your friends and family.
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