Application of the scourer or luffacylíndrica under natural, rigid and flexible resin to obtain a natural composite material

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  • Publicado : 19 de agosto de 2012
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Daniela Rincón P, Carlos A. Guerrero F, Fabio E. Sierra, Eliana Guerrero-Romero.
Chemistry Department, National University of Colombia, Avenida Carrera 30 Nº 45-02 Edificio Quimica Of. 429 Tel: 3165000 Ext: 14401

In a changing world of new ecomaterials,fibers as the scourer or luffa cylindrica appear in new presentations and mixing with other materials to develop better opportunities of use of natural fibers and its importance in the replacement of synthetic fibres. This work presents a research on the use of scourer fiber for composite materials, on the basis of the physical properties that generate conditions of mixing with three binders (matrix)natural: the Rosin, artificial hard: polyurethane resin and artificial flexible: flexible twin resin (epoxy) and finally a polyester resin to make a comparison with other major resins. After the curing, testing of compression and tension to the materials analysed, obtaining three types of composite materials by the above mentioned binders and three proposed presentations of fiber (complete, tissueand ground). The test tube in tension with polyester resin presented a high rigidity and a percentage of deformation of 14 per cent, resulting in less distortion than the woven with resin polyurethane with 12% of deformation.For the results of compression, which presented greater resistance to this was the presentation ground with resin polyurethane with a 2000 kg load absorption as the resin actsas a sponge absorbing the energy of charge and the Union of particles is larger than the other presentationsgenerating greater cohesion among them and avoiding its rupture easily. The presentation that is least resisted was the woven in two resins in the stage of energy absorption of cargo where polyurethane is 800 kg and the flexible twin is 850 kg, because the form of woven fiber distributioncreates spaces where there are more resin fiber and this makes that in the absence of fiber responds mechanically with the caracteristics of independent of the fiber resin and makes that you there is less resistance on these points.

KEYWORDS: Natural fibers, scourer, industrial design, binder matrix, composite materials, reinforced polymer

The scourer or luffacylindrica hasbeen present in the daily lives of many people, that for its abrasive properties it has been used as a bath sponge. Nowadays with the new materials development, technologies and ecological awareness, natural fibers have had great reception especially by its low-cost and sustainable production.Research has been done for its characterization and mixing with other materials such as natural compositematerials that have applications in the field of construction [1], the bioengineering and environmental engineering [2].These natural composite materials are based on natural fibers and synthetic matrices. Today the new investigations include these two natural components, which have been studied several decades ago [3-5]. This work is related to the investigation of the scourer through the mixturewith other natural and synthetic agents to improve their characteristics or physical properties and generate new possibilities for use industrially and in product development from industrial design.

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2.2. Tools The research methodology includes the following tools for obtaining information: Interviews of experts Laboratory testsPhotographic material Comparative analysis 2.3. Phases The methodology consists of three consecutive key parts which generates various stages of analysis and resolution of the problem. The first is the descriptive phase, the second is the pilot phase and the third is the phase of implementation and results. Table 1 shows the stages of development, the phase’s variables and expected results:
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