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Concept |Is based on the premise that the human brain has a biological program for acquiring any natural language on earth - including the sign language of the deaf. The process is visible when we observe how infants internalize their first language. There are eight intelligences, Logical- Mathematical, Visual-Spatial, Body-Kinesthetic, Musical-Rhythmic, Interpersonal, Verbal-Linguistic,Intrapersonal, and Naturalist.
| |
|Author of the approach|Howard Gardner (1983-1993). |
|and year | |
|Student’s role |Are expected to Show increased independence,self-esteem, responsibility and self-direction. Also to show greatly reduced |
| |behavioral/attention/learning problems at school and home and show increased ability to work "multimodally" (use multiple |
| |intelligences), when doing school reports, multimedia projects, etc, they have improved cooperative skills, demonstrate |
||improved leadership skills, and retain information better. |
|Teacher’s role |The teacher has to facilitate language acquisition among diverse students, but also to help them realize their full |
| |potential with all seven intelligences. Besides to be aware of which type of intelligence is beingtapped by a particular |
| |activity to keep track of which type they are emphasizing or neglecting in the classroom and aim for a different |
| |representation if they so choose. |
|Teaching sources |For the Logical- Mathematical (puzzles and games;logical sequential presentations; classifications and categorizations). |
| |For the Visual-Spatial (charts and grids; videos, drawings). For the Body-Kinesthetic (hands-on activities, field trips, |
| |pantomime). For Musical-Rhythmic (singing, playing music, jazz chants). For the Interpersonal (pair work, project work, |
||group problem solving). For the Intrapersonal (self-evaluation, journal keeping, options for homework). For the |
| |Verbal-Linguistic (note-taking, storytelling, debates). For the Naturalist (exploring nature, making collections of |
| |objects, studying them, and grouping them).|
|Teaching and learning |Teachers and parents who recognize their learners’ / children’s particular gifts and talents can provide learning |
|process |activities that build on those inherent gifts. As a result of strengthening such differences, individuals are free to be |
| |intelligent in their own ways.|

Multiple Intelligences

Total Physical Response

|Concept |TPR is a language teaching method built around the coordination of speech and action; it attempts to teach language trough |
| |physical (motor) activity. It emphasizes on developing comprehension skills before the learneris taught to speak links him or her|
| |to a movement in foreign language teaching. Its main objectives are to teach oral proficiency at a beginning level. Comprehension |
| |is a means to an end, and the ultimate aim is to teach basic speaking skills. |
|Author of the |James Asher (1960’s)....
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