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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2011
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New products and services typically require the engagement with a supply chain group that provides products and innovation that becomes crucial for successful launch. The difficultchallenges facing organizations today make it virtually impossible to retain in-house capability for all aspects of product realization.
The Advanced Product Quality Planning is an approach where thesupply chain is engaged with the Original Equipment Manufacturer or originator of the service being planned. APQP ensures that Collaborative Product and Process Design (CPPD) takes place.
SpecialCharacteristics are developed early in APQP. Characteristics begin from new product requirements and past failures which then evolve into actionable items/features/dimensions during the Design FMEAactivity and are carried forward to the Process FMEA. These characteristics are the basis for a great deal of the risk assessment and control plan strategy.
Planning for quality requires discipline and theuse of various tools and techniques properly deployed at the correct time for the benefits of APQP to be achieved. Q-1 has successfully prepared and deployed APQP planning efforts for many productsand services.
This procedure is now a tool jointly developed by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. Some benefits of APQP are:
• Ensures early planning takes place
• Directs resources to the customer• Identifies required changes early in the process
• Provides quality product on time and at lowest cost
• Enables cross-functional inputs and outputs
• Addresses potential problems early inDesign and

APQP is typically deployed in 5 concurrent and collaborative phases.
• Plan and Define
• Product Design and Develop
• Process Design and Develop
• Product andProcess Validation
• Continuous Improvement and Feedback
These five phases never end and are in fact sharing information and technical risks which require mitigation plans. The tools within APQP...
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