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Situation 1: David is talking with Tomomi when Monica comes into de room

1. ______are meeting for the first time.
a. David and Monica
b. David and Tomomi
c. Tomomi and Monica
d. David, Monica and Tomomi

Situation 2: Ken and Nancy at a restaurant.

2. Ken______..a. is having steak tonight
b. stopped eating steak
c. eats steak a lot
d. prefers chicken to steak

Situation 3: Karen calls Jason’s home. Jason’s father answers
the telephone.

3. Karen is going to______
a. speak with Jason at work
b. call back in an hour
c. wait for Jason to call
d. send a written messageSituation 4: A reporter is giving today’s weather forecast.

4. It will be clear in______.
a. the Northeast
b. Seattle
c. Boston
d. Miami
5. In Seattle the weather is______.
a. hot
b. snowy
c. cool
d. rainy

Situation 5: Bill invites Jennifer to go to dinner and a movie.
6. They’re going to______.
a. leavework a little early
b. go to the movie before dinner
c. see the movie tomorrow
d. have dinner at 7:00

7. Jennifer doesn’t accept right away because she can’t______
a. eat a late lunch
b. leave work early
c. go to dinner
d. see the movie

Situation 6: Linda is asking Jim about his plans for the summer.
8. In the summer, JimUsually______.
a. stays in the mountains
b. takes trips with his family
c. visits his parents
d. goes to the beach

9. This summer he’s planning to______
a. stay at home
b. go to the beach
c. fish with his dad
d. hike in the mountains

Section II: Reading

In this section of the Objective Placement Test, you will readsome short
Passages and answer questions about them. Choose the word or words that
Best complete the sentence. For each item, fill in your answer on the answer sheet. You will have 20 minutes to complete this section.

Passage 1: What are you doing today?

BETTY CHAN: I usually stay home on Sundays and take it easy – read, clean the house, do stuff like that. But today I’m at themall. I’m buying some things for my kids.

10. Betty’s …..today.
a. shopping
b. reading
c. cleaning
d. resting

Passage 2: What do you do?

TONY PEREZ: I’m a flight attendant with a major airline. Flying isn’t dangerous, but it can be stressful. When I’m up in the air working, I always have something to do. I like it because I meet a lot of interesting people.

11. Tony’sjob is______.
a. busy
b. easy
c. relaxing
d. boring

Passage 3: A vacation postcard

Dear Sal,

Greetings from France- it’s so go to be back here again! We left the kids with their grandparents in Chicago, and we’re biking across the French countryside by ourselves. We brought a tent and sleeping bags, so we can camp out if we want to, but we’re really enjoying thesmall hotels we find along the way.

Michael and Paula

12. Michael and Paula______.
a. have been to France before
b. took their children with them
c. are visiting their grandparents
d. prefer to sleep outside

Passage 4: The “zone”

You’re deeply involved in a task and can ignore everything around you ringing telephones, your neighbor’s TV, even your own hunger-andstill do things in record time. This is similar to what athletes call the “zone”: the power to concentrate so hard that you can ignore everything else. This ability can bring success in any field, but in athletics it can mean all the difference between winning and losing a game or event.

13. In this reading, the “zone” refers to a person’s______.
a. state of mind
b. neighbourhood
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