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  • Publicado : 25 de octubre de 2009
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The stabilized approach allows each member of the crew to save resources which can be allocated to monitor and to detect any anomaly connected with the airplane and itstrajectory, the environment (ATC, MET, etc.) or the crew itself.

The concept of the stabilized approach provides each crew member with a common reference that allows them to intervene in the case of adeviation. It also provides an aid to decision making, in establishing, by a predetermined point, the criteria necessary for carrying out the approach. Flying a stabilized approach dramatically reducespilot workload and improves safety.

There's a demonstrable correlation between unstabilized approaches, CFIT and landing mishaps. Combat the high risk of an unstabilized approach and:

* Flystabilized approaches whenever possible.
* Establish personal missed approach/ go-around criteria, and hold yourself to them.
* Brief and set up the approach well before actually beginning it.
* Fly"by the numbers" using a constant-airspeed, constant-trim technique.
* Transition to a 500-ft agl stable condition once visual or when making a VFR landing.

One last time: A good landing comesfrom a good approach. It's hard to make a good landing from a bad approach.


1. Trimmed on speed, power and configuration beginning when within one nm of reaching the FAF ordescent point inbound.

2. Within two dots CDI deflection and correcting as needed beginning when within one nm of reaching the FAF or descent point inbound.


Immediatelyinitiate missed approach if any of the following occur inside the FAF:

* More than 3/4-scale deflection of CDI.
* Airspeed--five kts or +10 kts from reference speed.
* Rate of descent exceeds1000 feet per minute.
* Pitch lower than 10 degrees below or five degrees above horizon.


1. Trimmed on speed, power and configuration prior to 500 feet agl.
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