Ara pacis museum

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  • Publicado : 19 de julio de 2010
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This museum on the bank of the tiber river has been desingned as a renewed setting for the ara pacis, a sacrificial altar dating to 9b.c. and now located on the wastern Edge of the piazza augustoimperatore. Planned as parto f an effort to Project rome is cultural legacy,th estructure consists of a long,single-story glazed loggia eevated above a shallow podium providing a transparent barrierbetween the embankment of the tiber and the existing circular perimeter of the mausoleum of Augustus , built circa 28 b.c.
The altar was relocated from the campo marzio in 1938 during the Mussolini era,and a system of regulating lineas was applied to the Project to relate the altar is present position to its original site.
Bisacting the distance between the present center of the mausoleum and theoriginal site yielded a four-square urban grid that was used as a proporcional frame to reorganize the piazza and its surroundings. Artificial obelisk is uded as a historical referente on thenorth-south exis through the altar.

The clarity of the volumes and the building is proportions relate in scale to rome is ancient structures. A predominating feature of the new building is a glasscurtain wall measuring 150 feet long and 40 feet high. The asymmetrical entry hall,defined by seven slender columns in reinforced concrete finished with White waxed Marvel Blaster ,leads to the mainhall,with houses the ara pacis. The contrast between the subdued lighting of the Entrance space and the expansive top-lit and rigorosly symmetrical main hall encourages a naturally progressivecirculation. The roof over the main hall rests on four columns with skylights to maximize natural lighting and to eliminate “false shadows”. Outside the main structure, a low travertine wall extending fromwithin the main hall traces the ancient shore of the Tiber River. Building materials incluye glass and concrete anda n indigenous fine beige roman travertine.

Although housing and protecting the...
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