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4 CCStudio Setup
CCStudio v3.3 A.) Importing a Pre-defined Setup or Factory Board
1. Run CCStudio Setup. 2. Find and select, xds100 emulator, from the “platform” pull down menu located at the topof the middle CCSetup window. (this will list only the USB100 controller imports). 3. You can narrow down the import options between all supported DSP families by using the “device” pull down ( “F28xx” to list all TMS320F28xx device imports). 4. When you find your target, or an import that closely matches your target, highlight the entry and choose the option to “add it to your system”.5. If this import setup does not completely match your target, you can edit the properties manually, such as to add a GEL file specific to you H/W. 6. When finished, save the setup and start CCStudio.QUICK START GUIDE
Installation Requirements
• • •

Blackhawk™ USB100 JTAG Emulator (USB100)

PC or Notebook computer with at least one free USB v1.1 or v2.0 port. Windows® 2000/XP/VistaOperating Systems (32 or 64-bit versions). Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio Version 4 † For CCStudio 3.3, Service Release 12 or later is required.

Inventory of Items Included
1. Blackhawk USB100Emulator. 2. USB 2.0 Compliant Cable. 3. Warranty and Product Registration Cards. 4. Quick Start Guide.

This equipment is designed to be operated under thefollowing environmental conditions: Temperature between 0°C – 55°C. Relative Humidity of 20% - 70% non-condensing. Operation of the unit outside of the above range may affect structual and mechanicalintegrity and cause permanent damage.

B.) Using Create Board
1. Run CCStudio Setup. 2. Select the “Create Board” tab and drag the TI XDS100 USB Emulator Connection to My System on the left. Thiswill prompt you for a connection name. You can enter any string you want, but at a minimum, it typically includes the emulator name and target DSP or board name. 3. Now, highlight the new connection...
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