Architecture of greece

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The architecture in Ancient Greece started to develop from 1000 b.C. Their architecture was the basis of Western architecture for centuries.
The characteristics of Greek architecture begin todevelop from a very early stage.
Their main characteristics are:
• Their architecture is a lintel.
• It is monumental, but is not considered colossal as that of Egypt.
• It is very balanced, which isall done with a measure of a canon.
• Its architecture is a perfectionist.
• The common material that they used was marble.
• The buildings are colorful and always wear decorations such as beads,rosettes, borders among many others.
There are three styles of Greek architecture:
• Doric, Ionic and Corinthian
Doric order: The Doric order was one of the three techniques of the classical Greekarchitecture.
The characteristics of these columns are:
• They have a capital, a capital is the top of the column it’s a circle topped by a square.
• They have a shat, the shat is the tall part ofthe column is plain it has 20 sides.
• These types of columns don’t have a base.
• The Doric columns are very plain.
• These types of columns are very powerful.
This type of column was usedhorizontally on buildings principally in long rectangular buildings. The area that is above these columns is called the frieze, above these are the metope is plain and it’s made with smooth stone.Sometimes in the metopes are statues of god of heroes.
One building that has the Doric order is the Parthenon in Athens.
Ionic shafts: The Ionic was taller than the Doric order.
The characteristics ofthe ionic shafts are:
• The columns of the ionic shafts are thin. This
• They had flates; the flates are lines that are caved into the top to bottom.
• The also have one characteristic thatdistinguish the ionic shafts they have entasis, the entasis are a bulge in the columns this bulge make the column straight.
• The Ionic style is a little more decorative than the Doric.

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