Are self checkout supermarkets the best option when paying?

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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2011
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Self Checkout systems are a new technological form of pay in stores, and they arrived for the first time in 1992 at a supermarket store in New York. Self checkout machines provide a mechanism forcustomers to pay for purchases from a retailer without interacting with a retailer’s staff, and they are mainly localized at groceries stores and supermarkets. The process of paying for the items chosen,consist in passing the purchases through a barcode detector which recognizes the bar code and add the price to the check, if you are going to buy fruits for example, which do not have a bar code, youweight the fruits and select in the screen the fruit type you are going to buy, the company will calculate the price of your items one by one, you continue this process until you finish with youritems, then you pay with credit card or debit card, and you go out of the store with all your purchases in your bag realizing that you paid in an honest way for the products you wanted to buy, and thatyou didn’t have to deal with a cashier.
This new method of paying hasn’t been accepted at all by all the community because of the errors it presents mainly when recognizing some items, people findthis new way of paying tedious, inefficient and even unnecessary, because they think that the old cashier methods was okay, it provided employees, personal attention to customer, less chances of errorswhen paying and in many occasions less time spend in files when wanted to pay.
Other people see Self Checkout systems as an opportunity for realizing crimes such as shoplifting, in 2007 a manreplaced the tag of a plasma TV with the tag of a DVD which had a cost of four dollars, trying to cheat the checkout machine, but he didn’t count with the security mechanism the machine have in case ofshoplifting, it has sensors in the bagging area which recognizes the weight of the items and make a relation with the barcode for avoiding this kind of illegal transactions. Even with this security...
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