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  • Publicado : 26 de septiembre de 2010
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Persons are the same
In the last years Arequipa has changed in all the aspects. It is well organized; it has a very good technology and lot of places to maketourism. The gastronomic cuisine is delicious in spite of some of the dishes that are a little bit spicy.
Arequipa like most of the cities in the world has apoor zone. This part is a quite ugly but its population makes of her a beautiful and comfortable place. In the trip, my friends and I visited a very poorschool that was out of the center of Arequipa. When we arrived to the school, I remembered that I thought: “This school is not poor”, because the appearance ofthe school was really good. But I was wrong because when I entered, I saw how different was the school inside.
Something I would always remember of thisschool is the happy faces of the children that I saw when I entered. I was surprised for seeing a lot of happy faces and for that reason I asked one of thechildren: why are you so happy? And he said: because you will help me. The first thing we did when we arrived at this school was delivered the packages to thechildren, that was an easy work but we have a few problems because some notebooks that were for girls were given to boys. For me, Distributed packages was veryagreeable and entertaining because at the same moment I delivered the packages I played with the children.
I remind that when I finished to distributedpackages, I talked with a teacher of that school. This person told me about the history of that school and said me that he was very grateful for the donations.
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