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Argentina is the second largest country in South America, constituted as a federation of 23 provinces and an autonomous city, Buenos Aires. It is the eighth-largest country in the worldby land area and the largest among Spanish-speaking nations, though Mexico, Colombia and Spain are more populous.
Argentina's continental area is between the Andes mountain range in the west and theAtlantic Ocean in the east. It borders Paraguay and Bolivia to the north, Brazil and Uruguay to the northeast, and Chile to the west and south. Argentine claims over Antarctica, as well as overlappingclaims made by Chile and the United Kingdom, are suspended by the Antarctic Treaty of 1961. Argentina also claims the Falkland Islands (Spanish: Islas Malvinas) and South Georgia and the SouthSandwich Islands, which are administered by the United Kingdom as British Overseas Territories.
Argentina is a founding member of both the United Nations, Mercosur and the Union of South American Nations.Argentina is one of the G-20 major economies.
The name of the country, traditionally called the Argentine in English,[8][9] is derived from the Latin argentum (silver), which comes from the AncientGreek ἀργήντος (argēntos), gen. of ἀργήεις (argēeis), "white, shining".[10] Αργεντινός (argentinos) was an ancient Greek adjective meaning "silvery".[11] The first use of the name Argentina can betraced to the 1602 poem "La Argentina y conquest del Río de la Plata" (English: The Argentina and the conquest of the Río de la Plata) by Martín del Barcoo Centenary. Although this name for the Palatineregion was already in common usage by the 18th century, the area was formally called Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata in 1776. The autonomous governments that emerged from the 1810 May Revolutionreplaced "Viceroyalty" with a "United Provinces" designation.
One of the first prominent uses of the demonym "Argentine" was in the 1812 first Argentine National Anthem, which made plenty of references...
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